Ep #003 – Amanda Knox With Josh from Footballistically Arsenal and Dave from Fortitude Magazine

The Netflix Original Documentary “Amanda Knox” was chosen by Josh Landy of “Footballistically Arsenal”. Josh was a student at Leeds University at the time of the Meredith Kircher murder. This cautionary tale was always in the background for him as this was the university that she attended whilst on a year away in Italy.

Amanda Knox - Flixwatcher Podcast

As a former journalist, it was interesting to hear Josh’s take on the Daily Mail journalist Nick Pisa. He was able to give some insight into the way that Nick was thinking and talking during the documentary, which potentially helped to stave off an absolute mauling from the rest of the Flixwatcher peeps. Did Nick Pisa have to be so “smug” about everything, though? Dave Hudson of “Fortitude Magazine” was not best pleased about Nick “Piece of Something” Pisa.

Footballistically Arsenal - Amanda Knox on Flixwatcher Podcast

The episode #003 crew were generally favourable towards the Amanda Knox documentary, both in terms of the way it was shot and the insight into the story that it gave. It was interesting in particular to see the how big a feature of the film that Amanda Knox was herself and we talk about that in detail in this episode.

The documentary shows the details leading up to the day of the murder and the aftermath following the bumbling Italian police as they do everything in their poorly equipped hands to pin the crime directly on Amanda and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. It was great to see the amount of behind the scenes information detail in spite of the fact we were following the bumbling cops. This, of course, had some parallels with the true crime instant classic documentary series “Making A Murderer” which came out just under a year ago, including scenes of unconvincing DNA evidence.


The overall Flixwatcher Rating for this-this Amanda Knox is a decent 3.6. We all would love to see Netflix produce more documentaries like this. Amanda Knox only really let itself down with the “Repeat Viewing” score, which I think that’s actually pretty fair.

What do you guys think? Have you seen Amanda Knox? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!

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More about The Amanda Knox Netflix Original

For more info on the Amanda Knox documentary, you can visit the Amanda Knox IMDB page here or the Amanda Knox Rotten Tomatoes page here.

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